Little Podcast on the Prairie

Little Podcast on the Prairie is changing the narrative of North Dakota. With fun, inspiring stories about its people, it’s giving North Dakotans something to get excited about!

This podcast highlights what makes this state such a special place to live and encourages appreciation for all the good neighbors out there.

From entrepreneurs to educators, from farmers to small business owners, Little Podcast on the Prairie brings to life all of North Dakota’s most inspiring folks. Not only does this podcast generate conversations about current events and celebrate their unique roots, but it also provides an opportunity to learn how individuals are making exciting impacts on their community.

With its entertaining stories, Little Podcast on the Prairie breathes new life into interpreting what living in North Dakota is really like.

Meet Your Hosts!

Welcome to the Little Podcast on the Prairie, hosted by Megan and Beth!

From the moment their microphone turns on, these two fill the airwaves with stories about life in North Dakota. Every episode features another tale of adventure that will leave you smiling and inspired.

Whether it’s cooking a featured hot dish with local ingredients, exploring rural communities and their impact, or reflecting on the history of the prairies, each show promises to provide unique perspectives from the heart of America.

So tune in every other week on Thursday at 12p, as Megan and Beth delve into unexpected life lessons while living and laughing on the prairie! Join us as they take you on an adventure deep into the heart of the prairie!



Executive Director

Megan Langley is the Founder and Executive Director of Strengthen ND.



Director of Community Engagement and Solutions

Beth Odahlen, an original board member of Strengthen ND, worked for more than 22 years in higher education before transitioning to Strengthen ND.

Listen to the Latest Episode!

Listen to it on Spotify! The Little Podcast on the Prairie is an educational and entertaining audio series that takes you on a journey through time.