Membership Levels


Why Should I Become a Supporting Member?

Strengthen ND supports nonprofit boards, government entities, and community groups by offering you, your board, and your organization year-round governance guidance, resources, and cheat sheets.  To support this availability and generation of new resources, a very affordable annual membership fee is assessed for individuals seeking to download and utilize any and all resources on our site.

What is a Supporting Member? 

“Supporting Members” is a term that nonprofit organizations can use to refer to individuals or entities who contribute to the organization’s mission or programs through their membership or donations. Supporting Members may receive certain benefits or recognition due to their support, such as access to exclusive events or materials, an acknowledgment in the organization’s publications, or voting rights in the organization’s governance.

What Perks Are Included in the Supporting Membership?

  • Featured Business Logo (for Corporate & Business Levels)
  • Special Event Invites
  • Weekly Emails about New Projects & initiatives
  • Access to All Shop Publications (This Includes all Current and Future Programs/Booklets/Informational Resources, etc.)
  • Our membership list will be acknowledged within our newsletters, on our website main page and within our Annual Report.

Thank you for your membership!

Level Price  
Corporate/Foundation Supporting Member $300.00 per Year. Select
Business Supporting Member $150.00 per Year. Select
Family Supporting Member $50.00 per Year. Select
Individual Supporting Member $25.00 per Year. Select

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