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Our e-newsletters focused on North Dakota Non-Profits are packed with useful tips, advice and support to help nonprofits succeed. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced organization, there’s something for everyone! Each month, we bring you the latest trends in the nonprofit world, as well as plenty of resources and strategies to make running your organization smoother.

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North Dakota Local Foods Development Alliance (NDLFDA) | Newsletter

The North Dakota Local Foods Development Alliance focuses on connecting people and organizations in order to strengthen the local food sector. Through their engaging e-newsletters, they highlight different happenings and updates, such as the development of local food networks and resources, innovative ideas, and industry opportunities. They also discuss sustainability practices that are helping to create a brighter future for local food businesses in their region.

These newsletters are full of helpful advice from experienced professionals who understand what it takes to make a successful local food enterprise. By working together with industry colleagues, this collective can continue to help build vibrant and prosperous businesses in the North Dakota area.