Board and Staff Development

Strengthen ND places a high priority on being connected to leadership in key issues and practices for maximizing the talents, strengths and efforts of an organization’s most valuable resource – the people who govern, lead and support programs to produce effective, meaningful and measurable impact: the board and staff. We work to do this through customized board and staff development projects, designed to leverage and build effectiveness and teamwork.

Executive Search

Since our inception, Strengthen ND has prided itself on meeting people and organizations where they are; meaning, we are skilled at assessing and understanding organizational and individual capacity. It is with this value that we approach executive search processes. Below is the typical process our organization follows to identify qualified candidates to best support your organization.


* We understand what it takes to live and work in North Dakota;

* We understand what it takes to lead and progress in North Dakota;

* Hiring committee experience specific to higher-level directors and management to fully understand what North Dakota organizations need.

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Program Design and Evaluation

Strengthen ND will work with your organization to develop customized evaluation processes to illustrate the value and impact of your programs for the purposes of informing program design and future development, as well as to share information more effectively with boards, funders and others closely connected to the organization. Conversely, Strengthen ND is skilled at working with private family foundations, trusts, corporations, and community foundations to design grantmaking strategies, mechanisms, and collateral to support targeted charitable investments.

Grant Making and Charitable Investments

Strengthen ND believes investing primarily in North Dakota’s rural communities, and through our the Creative Community Solutions grant making program, established in 2022, our organization is able to support a variety of programs and projects across the state. This is unlike any other grant making program, we want to hear why your project is needed in your community and how it can be sustained.

Strategic and Organizational Action Planning

Strategic planning is the architecture of successful organizations. Strengthen ND’s approach to strategic planning involves a collaborative process of internal and external review and strategic thinking to generate a realistic and practical guide for board and staff in achieving their visionary and operational goals. As you transition from strategic planning to implementation, your first task is to get specific about the work that needs to be done. Practically speaking, this means going through the process of translating the multi-year, high-level strategic goals articulated in your plan into specific initiatives that your organization will undertake in the coming 12- to 18-month period. Breaking down your long-term goals into timely, digestible and definable segments that align with your day-to-day activities is something that Strengthen ND is equipped to help you undertake.

Community Succession Planning

One of the most important responsibilities for community leaders is to help plan for the community’s future, including anticipating and identifying key leadership transitions, economic trends, quality of life shifts, and growth opportunities. Strengthen ND’s community succession planning process is designed and facilitated around developing five-year reasonable and achievable plans for communities through a focused process including assessing and goal-setting around Community Amenities & Engagement, Creative Placemaking, Economic Status & Growth, and Forward-Thinking Leadership.

Economic Development & Community Planning

Strengthen ND works with your community organizations such as Chambers and EDC’s to determine appropraite solutions to community needs. Strengthen ND’s approach will allow all opinions to be heard and considered.

Meeting Facilitation

Strengthen ND works with organizations to develop and implement meetings, retreats, and other forums for specific planning, problem solving, strategizing, or decision-making purposes. Strengthen ND’s approach involves thoughtful planning and preparation and developing agendas to encourage participation and generate useful plans for next steps.

Organizational Succession Planning

One of the most important responsibilities for nonprofit boards is selecting the organization’s next executive director. The search and transition can be complex, and both require careful planning, well before a planned – or unplanned – departure occurs. Strengthen ND can help your organization with succession planning to ensure that this is a smooth, cohesive transition.

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